You Can’t Help But Wonder

Published On: 10 August 2023306 words2 min read

💔 Dedicated especially to parents of addicts and wayward children.




You can’t help but wonder,

What it must do to the heart of a mother or a father,

Who invests their heart and soul into their child,

Of love, time, education, affection, duaa, provision, gifts and more.


To then have to experience the heartbreak, disappointment and torment,

Of their child choosing other than what the parent had hoped for them of guidance and goodness.


I can only imagine,

That it must feel like daily heartbreak.


I recall reading,

That to be a mother,

Is to forever have your heart exist outside of your body.


A grown child’s daily failure to thrive,

Becomes the parent’s daily heartbreak,

As the adult child struggles with their trials,

With their darkness and vices,

The parent can only watch helplessly,

And pray for their forgiveness and guidance,

And that of their own too.


Mountains of disappointment,

Oceans of tears,

Hours of supplication,

Glimmers of hope,

Heartbreak upon heartbreak,

The cycle continues.




May Allah SWT grant healing, soothing, recovery and return for all who have lost their way. May He guide all of our children, young and old to faith and goodness always. Ameen.


A reminder for all who watch from the sidelines who have not been tested in such a way, to support these parents. Be grateful that Allah SWT has protected you from such tests and pray for better for your fellow Muslim families.


It is but by the Grace of Allah SWT that we are protected from such tests. Let’s not sit in ivory towers of judgement and talk.


Allah SWT promises that He will test us in what we love most. For some people, it’s their children that they love the most and so the trials ensue.

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