Why Don’t We Submit to the Truth?

Published On: 16 December 2022644 words4.3 min read

In Tafseer Ibn Katheer, in the explanation of Surah An Naaziat, the story of Moses and Pharoah is mentioned. Pharoah in his obstinate pride and rebellion saw himself as the Lord of the Children of Israel, and despite witnessing the clear signs and miracles presented by Moses, he refused to believe in the truth that was before him.

Ibn Kathir states: “Knowing that something is in fact the truth, often does not necessitate that someone will then believe in it. This is because recognition is the knowledge of the heart, and faith is it’s action. And it (faith) is to comply to the truth and submit to it.”

So the big questions are:

Have you found the truth in Islam?
If so, do you believe and have faith in that truth?
And furthermore, are you willing to comply with and submit to the truth you say you believe in?

So why is it that many of us struggle to submit to the truth of Islam and Allah’s commandments through obedience?

There are a few possible reasons.

Doubts – You lack conviction in the truth of Islam and are struggling to understand or accept certain concepts or aspects of Islamic practice.

Desires – You’re unable to overcome the comforts, enjoyments, habits and norms you are accustomed to and not yet ready to adopt the ways of Islam.

Pride – You don’t deem it necessary for you to act upon your belief and feel that faith in your heart is enough.

Laziness & Procrastination – You can’t be bothered making the effort to perform acts of worship and obedience, find it an inconvenience or intend to one day but struggle to knuckle down and just start (e.g. ablution, prayers, reciting Quran, modest dress, halal foods, gender interactions etc).

Attachment – You lack the confidence or willpower to acts upon your faith due to a need to please someone or something you are strongly attached to.

Fear – You fear the disapproval, disappointment, judgement or consequences from others if you make the changes required of one who submits to the truth.

Ignorance – You do not yet have full knowledge about (or are unaware of) what is required of you in compliance and submission once you have acknowledged the truth.

Rebellion – You dislike the concept of submission and obedience all together and prefer to be the only one in charge of the decisions and direction of your life.

Ask yourself what is holding you back from deeper obedience and submission and question why. Address each individual issue and seek out the support and knowledge you need to overcome it.

Don’t allow yourself to make any more excuses for failing to enact your faith and not submitting to the truth you’ve found and been gifted with.

Always remember that you are in the driver’s seat of your life. As the driver, you must take good care of your vehicle, steer carefully and wisely select the path you traverse upon. If your vehicle just won’t budge or isn’t running efficiently, then find out what it needs to perform better.

If you haven’t been consciously navigating the road ahead and don’t know where you’re driving to, then stop where you are and end the aimless wandering. Get some direction (good company, education and support), put together a road map (learn what the straight path is) and embark with firmness and conviction towards a proper intended destination.

“O humanity! There has come to you conclusive evidence from your Lord. And We have sent down to you a brilliant light. As for those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him, He will admit them into His mercy and grace and guide them to Himself through the Straight Path.” Quran 4:174-175

Allah SWT has shown us conclusive evidence of the truth. What will we choose to do with it?

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