What Your Resist, Persists

Published On: 10 August 2023563 words3.8 min read

What you are most hesitant and resistant about actively pursuing and seeing through to fruition is most often something important you are meant to do.


Marcus Aurelius, the Greek emperor and stoic philosopher says, ‘The obstacle is the way’.


The pathways towards your most deeply sought destinations and achievements are littered with phobia, hurdles, snares and thorns. For this reason, the noble paths that beckon you are often the ones you will be most avoidant about embarking upon, committing to and seeing through to completion. The ventures and tasks about which we feel the most resistance, apprehension, self doubt and fear are precisely the ones we must do.


We cannot escape nor deny our calling. Our calling is what beckons our souls as a relentless whisper or a niggling tap on the shoulder which, eventually becomes a  pounding at the door of our consciousness, keeping us up at night as we ponder the world of possibility and impact if we were to take action.


Know that your calling is a hovering, shimmering cloud of hope and potential that lies just above and ahead of you, within arms reach. That is, if you would just dare to reach.


For many, it exists as a dormant dream, an idea seeking to be manifested, a masterpiece yearning to be birthed into existence.


Will you nurture your creative dream seed, water it, fertilise it, allow it to grow with the hope of reaping a beautiful, fruitful harvest due to your commitment and efforts?


You see, there’s what we *wish* we could do with our lives.  Then there’s what we *want* to do with our lives. And finally, there’s what we *must*do with out lives.


What must you do my friend?


What is the Almighty calling on you to learn, create, pursue, manifest?


What is it that you need to invent, nurture, write, paint, sculpt, create, learn, teach, sing, draw, craft, curate?


Your Creator is beckoning you to seek the higher echelons of your talents, skills, knowledge and overall life’s potential, your soul’s potential. He is calling on you to explore the depths of your noble existence and fantastical reach of your blessed capabilities .


He is calling on you to transmute your pain and turn it into good works. He is inviting you to rise to the occasion and call others to His Oneness through your journey of manifestation and excellence. He is calling on you to overcome and conquer the resistence.


The longer you resist your calling, the louder it will get. The more you try to deny and bury it, the more it will stubbornly unearth it’s determined head, insistent on being birthed into existence.


Remember, what you resist, persists.


Lean into the resistance. Approach the obstacle. Face your dreams head on, grab them by the horns. Power on forward over the obstacle. Plough through the resistance.


It’s the only way.


And on the other side of that painstaking process, after all of the soul inspired effort, sacrifice and endurance, you’ll find what your heart needed to manifest and your find a noble station of results and rewards well-earned Inshaallah.


The Prophet SAW said: “Strive for that which will benefit you, seek Allah’s help and do not lose heart or determination.” Muslim


Persist in your resistance.

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