What if good vibes are lies?

Published On: 10 August 2023322 words2.1 min read

What if Good Vibes are Lies?


What if all the feel good memes are BS?


What if the woowoo guru healers are fakes?


What if the celebrity preachers are devils in disguise? 


What if the teachings, advices and instructions we find online are misguidance?


What if self diagnosis checklists are utter rubbish?


What if the labels we use on toxic people are slanderous?


What if the fingers we point outwards are meant to pointed inwards?


What if it’s not the world or him or her with the problem, it’s us?


What if the sickest if us all are offering contaminated cures to the ill?


What if the person in most need of help and healing is the helper and the healer?


What if we need to remove our rose lens glasses and wake up and smell the darn roses?


What if we need to realise that what we see portrayed before us is for the most part smokescreens and filters?


Covering up an ugly underbelly of Satanically influenced, self worshipping souls who have launched themselves headfirst into Pandora’s box of the devils vices,


And are handing out these vices in the form of advices,


Like lollies given out on Halloween.


Goblins and ghouls feeding zombies and fools.


All of this disguised and hidden in a handheld black-screened package,


That mirrors to us not the utter beauty of the world,


Nor the spiritual pathway to God,


But traps us in an echo chamber of self obsession, narcissism and feel-good back patting.


And endless downward spiral, backed by a boss babe, gal pal cheering squad.


Until there is nothing left of our selves nor of our souls,


But the hardened shell of a darkened heart,


And a plastic smile to mask a terrified lost soul.


Allah help us all.

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