Six Quranic Convictions

Published On: 10 August 2023301 words2 min read

Six Quranic Convictions

From Way to the Quran by Khurram Murad

  1. Our lives remain meaningless and ruined unless they are guided by the Quran, the word of God


  1. The Quran, being the eternal guidance given by the Ever-living God, is as relevant for us, today, as it was fourteen centuries ago, and will remain so forever.  
  2. We almost have a right, in some sense and measure, to receive its blessings today as it’s first believers did; provided, of course, that we come to it and move in it as is necessary in order to share its rich harvest. 
  3. Every Muslim has a duty to devote himself to reading it, understanding it and memorising it. 
  4. One must abandon oneself totally, in thoughts and deeds to whatever the Quran has to offer him. Any pride, arrogance, sense of self-sufficiency, reservation, or ingenuity that can read in it what it does not mean, is fatal to its understanding and would shut the door to its blessings. 
  5. The path of the Quran is the path of self-surrender, of practicing what it tells you, even if one learns only one Ayah (verse). One Ayah learnt and acted upon is better than a thousand which are explain beautifully but which do not impart any beauty to the reader’s life. Obedience, after all, is the real key to understanding too.

“We are living in a time when the need to centre our lives on the Quran is most urgent and compelling. Without this we Muslims will never rediscover ourselves, never give meaning to our existence, never find dignity in this world. More importantly, we will never please our Creator and Lord. Without the Quran, mankind too, will continue to slide towards the abyss of total extinction.” Khurram Murad from ‘Way to the Quran’ 1985

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