Life is Short

Published On: 10 August 2023270 words1.8 min read

Why do we live this life as if we have forever?


We hold grudges and cut ties like the other person doesn’t matter.


When if they were to fall ill tomorrow or be struck by a calamity,


We’d have lost our chance to make reparations.


All that ill will for what?


All that drama and snobbery to what avail?


For an ego to be propped up?


For your ingroup to feel dominant?


To take sides based on hearsay, gossip and speculation?


What if you’ve gotten it all wrong?


What if the narratives you were fed were lies?


What if you harmed a well intended other for something that involved you not?


It’s easy to claim and quote our Ummah as ‘one body’


But how does that work when all we do is self harm?


We cut and carve and scar our own selves.


Because we’ve lost sight of our connected bodily sacredness.


And the fact that our strength lies in our unity and protection of one another.


Don’t waste your time and energy with the consumption and indulgence of fitnah.


Your life is too short and so is that of your brother and sister in faith.


For just around the corner lies the darkness of death.


And a cold, dark grave.


And savage accountability.


Left behind will be a grieving family of orphaned children who will weep.


What then of your grudges and cat fights?


An utter waste.


We don’t have forever in this world.

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